Friday, January 27, 2023

More Google Memories Than I Can Remember With Uncle Mooch

Above are the latest Google memories to show up in my incoming email. I remain perplexed as to how Google has these memories that do not exist on my computer. Today I discovered that when I click on the image in the email the link goes to way more memories, allegedly from today.

In the upper left that would be my Dad, with sister Nancy in front of Dad, brother Jake on the ground, looking for something and me on the far right under a straw hat. The other kids are cousins-- Jeff, next to me, Patty in front of her mom, Audrey, with Vicki between Patty and Nancy. Jeff, Patty and Vicki were the Van Weerdhuizens. Next to Audrey, that would be John Vanweerdhuizen. My best guess is we were camping somewhere on the Washington Pacific coast, most likely Copalis, our go to location on the coast before Ocean Shores State Park opened a few years later.

At the upper right location would be the parental unit of David, Theo and Ruby, my little sister, Michele, who came along a few years after that photo with the VanWeerdhuizens was taken. I believe in the photo Michele is about to ride her decorated bike in the Burlington Berry Dairy Days Parade.

Under Michele that would be little brother, Jake, in his little league uniform. Under Jake that would be from a few years prior to Michele arriving, with sister Nancy, Jake and me sitting in front of a float we pulled in the Berry Dairy Days Parade.

And, I think that black and white photo is Uncle Mel, with a cow.

Continuing on, other photos I found in the Google Memories trove...

Another Berry Dairy Days Parade float, with sister Nancy, sitting all lady-like on her throne, waiting for her brothers to pull her through the parade.

That would be me with a decorated Berry Dairy Days Parade entry. I have zero memory of riding my bike in the parade. This would have taken place before Mom and Dad started having fun making parade floats.

Now, this one is a good memory. Dad is holding our newly arrived baby sister Jackie, with sister Nancy on one side of Jake, and me on the other side. This looks to be on a Washington Pacific beach.

And now, a year or two later, Jackie is walking, and in her Sunday best, likely to go to church. 

Above that would be Jake and me pulling Grandpa Porter on a wagon. I assume this happened somewhere in the Lynden zone. Grandpa Porter was a veterinarian.

I do not remember me and Jake being dressed alike. Mom must have thought this was cute. It looks like we are on a Washington ferry. Which ferry, and which ferry route, I have no clue.

That would be me that Dad has a hand on, with Jake sitting. My best guess is we were heading to Eastern Washington, over Stevens Pass, which would make that a Wenatchee River waterfall. 

On the right, that would be Dad's youngest brother, Uncle Mooch, who some call Uncle Gerry. Uncle Mooch one day got married to Aunt Jane. I have zero recollection of going to that wedding.

When we first met Aunt Jane we got severely scolded for calling Uncle Mooch Uncle Mooch. We only partly called Uncle Mooch Uncle Mooch due to his propensity to mooch things, like a french fry or cookie, but the main reason we called Uncle Mooch Uncle Mooch was due to the fact that me and my siblings were big fans of Disney movies.

And our favorite Disney character, played by Kevin Corcoran, was Moochie.

Here is a Wikipedia blurb about Kevin Corcoran...

Kevin Anthony "Moochie" Corcoran was an American child actor, director and producer. He appeared in numerous Disney projects between 1957 and 1963, leading him to be honored as a Disney Legend in 2006. His nickname, Moochie, established him as an irrepressible character in film.

Eventually Aunt Jane got used to us calling her first husband, Uncle Mooch...

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