Tuesday, May 18, 2021

No Third Kind Close Encounter In Wichita Falls

This morning I was driving a senior citizen to various locations to pick up various prescriptions when at one point, when stopped at a red light, I looked up to see what looked to be a flying saucer landing.

This was not a close encounter of the third kind, because I saw no life forms exiting the flying saucer.

This is looking southwest at the intersection between the Seymour Highway and Brook Avenue, with Arby's directly left, out the driver's side window.

The lower part of the flying saucer landing appeared to be a cloth material, waving in the wind, which you can not see, because this is a photograph, not a video. You also can not see the rain falling, but you can make out a drop or two on the windshield.

There is little interesting, structure wise, in this town. Thus finding this flying saucer/UFO like structure to be interesting, structure wise.

It takes little to be interesting these limiting COVID days. But, such appears to rapidly be getting better.

Tomorrow I get the Johnson & Johnson COVID shot in the arm. And once that vaccination is confirmed I am driving to D/FW to the first time in well over a year.

There is a bridge there I want to drive over...

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