Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Isn't Fort Worth One Of The 15 Most Beautiful Cities In America?

Of late I have found myself watching a lot of YouTube. Watching not via a browser on my computer, but via ROKU streaming on my TV. 

Last night among the YouTube videos I watched was one titled "15 Most Beautiful Cities in America."

Such lists are always subjective, what with there being no data criteria which might make such a list some sort of scientific certainty.

This particular list of 15 seems particularly goofy. Watch the video and listen closely to the narrator's description of St. Augustine, Florida, for an example of goofy.

I have been to many of these 15 cities, including #12, Bozeman, Montana. I have passed through that town a number of times. I remember nothing about it, other than one time stopping at a Burger King to clean off all the bugs which had hit my windshield to a degree which had greatly diminished visibility.

There are three west coast cities on this list of 15. I have been to all the cities on the west coast. This video has one of those west coast cities as being the #1 Most Beautiful. You will have to watch the video below to see which town is #1.

I will just say I was surprised San Francisco was not one of those 3 west coast cities on the list. I will also just say that in my subjective opinion the two most beautiful cities on the west coast are San Francisco and Seattle. 

I would add the north of Seattle version of Vancouver, but, even though that town is on the west coast, it is not in America.

There is one Texas town on this list of 15.

No, it isn't Fort Worth.

I wonder what Fort Worth natives think who seldom leave their town, even to go to Dallas, let alone leave Texas, who are subjected to the local propaganda about Fort Worth from dubious sources, like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which will report to its readers that some ordinary thing in Fort Worth is making towns far and wide green with envy.

Do those Fort Worth natives who read the propaganda about their town find it perplexing that their town is never on a list of this Most Beautiful Cities sort?

Well, there was that time, early this century, when a Washington, D.C. lobbying group had Fort Worth on a list of 10 most livable cities, due to something to do with the urban village concept. Fort Worth had a city wide celebration to celebrate this amazing accolade. I am not making that up. It is true.

A few months after Fort Worth made towns far and wide green with envy due to being on this list I had reason to have lunch with the Deputy Mayor of Tacoma. Tacoma was also on this list of 10 most livable cities. Tacoma has clearly defined urban villages, so awarding this award to Tacoma I could understand. I have never understood where Fort Worth's urban villages are. 

Anyway, I asked the Tacoma Deputy Mayor if Tacoma had a city wide celebration after winning this prestigious award. He laughed and said no, we did not, we sent a thank you letter and that was the end of it. I then told him Fort Worth had a city wide celebration. You must be making that up, he said in reply. Nope, that really happened. How embarrassing the Deputy Mayor said in reply.

Yup, said I, Fort Worth has a way of embarrassing itself like that.

This was well before the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle and the Fort Worth Cabela's is gonna be the top tourist attraction in Texas embarrassments.

Til moving to Texas and being exposed to Fort Worth, I did not know a town could be green with envy about something.

Watch the video to see which Texas town is the Most Beautiful. I would have picked Austin or San Antonio.

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