Friday, May 8, 2020

Mount Rainier With David, Theo, Ruby & Blue

Yesterday after I found in my mailbox Three Cards From The Tacoma Trio Of David, Theo & Ruby I text messaged the parental units of David, Theo & Ruby that I had received the three cards from David, Theo & Ruby.

Soon thereafter five photos arrived on my phone, giving me multiple looks at Mount Rainier, and David, Theo & Ruby.

And Blue.

When I mention Blue I am not referring to the blue sky above the blue sea. That is Ruby, also blue, soaking up some Vitamin D, whilst napping on a chunk of driftwood.

Theo decided he needed a higher perch to get closer to the sun for his Vitamin D. I read this morning that COVID-19 researchers have discovered that there is a correlation between having adequate Vitamin D and resistance to the Coronavirus.

We can not tell how far David's driftwood seat if from the blue sea, or if he is looking at Mount Rainier in the distance.

Noticing that the driftwood behind Blue matches the end of the driftwood on which David is sitting, we can likely accurately conclude that Blue was tasked with watching David, as best as Blue could watch, what with Blue being no longer able to see.

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