Friday, September 1, 2017

Riding Skagit Electric Ferry To A Real Guemes Island

I saw that which you see here via Facebook. Apparently the Skagit County ferry fleet is ceasing being diesel powered, and is going all electric.

There is only one ferry crossing in the Skagit County fleet. That crossing connects Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island, with Guemes Island.

Guemes Island is one of what are known as the inner San Juan islands, along with other small islands located to the east of the larger, more well known, San Juan Islands.

During my time in Washington, last month, I marveled more than once at the crystal clear water, into which one could deeply gaze, or wade in without fear of getting polluted, but with some fear, for some, of getting pinched by a dungeness crab.

I saw no signs on Washington waters warning people not to eat what they catch, or not to touch the water.

I did see some Tsunami Evacuation Warning signs, including one on the door of our Birch Bay condo.

If you look at the photo, above, of the new Skagit Electric Ferry, those are real islands you see across that body of unpolluted water.

A real island is surrounded by a real body of water.

Not a manmade ditch.

Fort Worth's propaganda purveyors, for several years now, have been referring to a desolate chunk of land as "Panther Island".

Where there is no island.

Yet there is a lot of signage directing the town's few tourists to the imaginary island and the imaginary pavilion on the imaginary island.

I have no clue as to why so few Fort Worth locals do not seem to find this pitiful example of a demented emperor wearing no clothes, to be as embarrassingly stupid as I find it to be.

Maybe the Fort Worth locals are immune to the town embarrassing itself after so many instances of doing such.

One day, far in the future, maybe in the next decade, or the decade following the next decade, a ditch may be dug under three simple little Fort Worth bridges being built in slow motion, pre-ditch, over dry land. And then water from the polluted Trinity River may be diverted into that ditch, thus sort of surrounding that aforementioned chunk of desolate land with a narrow band of water.

But that desolate chunk of land will still not be an island. Referring to it as such only provides more laughing stock material for those visiting Fort Worth from more, well, reality based locations on the planet.

One tourist to another. Have you found Sundance Square yet? Other tourist responds, we think it's that little plaza we found downtown. Tourist asks other tourist another question. Have you found Panther Island yet? Other tourist responds we have no clue what that might be. What is wrong with this town the other tourist asks? I dunno, but the Stockyards are kind of cool....

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love your writing style, always good for a smile...

On another note, whenever you mention sundance square your story pops up on linkedin as "sundance square was mentioned in the news"

Not sure if you are on linkedin or were aware of this