Monday, September 25, 2017

Ocean Wins Again With David, Theo & Ruby

What is going on here?

Certainly not a scene taking place in Wichita Falls. Or Fort Worth. Maybe the Texas Gulf Coast.

This is one of three photos sent yesterday from the phone of my little sister who lives in Tacoma.

The only text accompanying the photos said "The Ocean Wins Again..."

Since my nephews David and Theo, along with niece Ruby, took their parental units to the Washington Pacific Coast, to the town of Seabrook for a final summer fling, this would seem to likely mean this is the Pacific Ocean we see Theo dodging waves in.

David likely did no wave dodging due to his extreme shark fear. I recollect trying to convince David there were no big sharks in Birch Bay, and whilst doing so I may have mentioned there are big sharks, maybe even of the Great White variety, when you get closer to the ocean, such as what one finds on the Washington Pacific Coast.

The text informing us that the ocean had won again was in reference to the walled sandcastle fort Theo and I built last month at Birch Bay, along with some canal digging by Ruby and a little dredging help from David.

Theo and I thought we built our sand castle's walls high enough to hold back the tide.

We were wrong. The tide won. Eventually.

Below we see the trio of David, Theo and Ruby working on a Pacific Ocean circular sand sea wall. This appears to be much smaller than that which Theo and I constructed on Birch Bay. I see no hope of the ocean not winning against this sand sea wall.

I suspect the Pacific Ocean water is a bit cooler than that which we swam in in August at Birch Bay.

It appears above the ocean has already breached the sand castle's sea wall, well before the arrival of the incoming tide. Clearly engineering help from an uncle would have been helpful with this project.

But, even with an uncle's expert sandcastle wall building help, the ocean still probably would have won in the end....

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