Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day Rolling To Wichita Wires With No Hot Dogs

This Labor Day morning I decided to do some laboring via pushing my bike's pedals in circles for an hour or two.

My route today took me first to Sikes Lake where there were more people enjoying that waterfront venue, and its flocks of geese, than I've seen any day previous.

Then I left Sikes Lake via crossing Midwestern Boulevard to the campus of Midwestern State University, which was abandoned, for the most part, except a lot of guys engaging in some sort of exercise like routine whilst wearing what appeared to be football uniforms. This exercise engagement including a lot of shouting and whistle blowing.

The shouting and whistle blowing wreaked havoc with the peace and quiet I had been enjoying.

I rather enjoyed rolling around the largely abandoned university campus.

Eventually I came upon something I had not seen before whilst rolling around this location. I refer to that which you see above. I am assuming this is yet one more piece of Wichita Falls art, in sculpture form.

No identifying plaque was attached to the tangle of lines. I am opted til informed otherwise to call this work of art "Wichita Wires".

Looking at Wichita Wires right now, in picture form, not the in person view, I am wondering if this is some sort of abstract depiction of a tornado.

On what is known locally as Terrible Tuesday, one of the most deadly, destructive tornadoes ever to strike the world struck Wichita Falls back on April 10, 1979. twisting by Sikes Lake and the south end of the MSU campus.

Ironically, coincidentally, when I returned to my abode today, right at noon, the tornado sirens started screaming. Usually testing the sirens happens on Wednesday. Maybe today's lengthy siren blasting was some sort of Labor Day homage.

No hot dogs today for me on this Labor Day. Chinese is the food theme for me today...

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