Wednesday, September 6, 2017

David, Theo & Ruby Take Me To School With Giant Blackberries

Moments ago my phone made that noise which indicates incoming.

This particular incoming turned out to be some photos of my nephews David and Theo, and niece Ruby.

There was no text accompanying the photos, so it was left to my sleuth like deductive ability to discern what I was seeing.

The first photo, a sort of group hug, really provided no good clue.

But, the next photo did.

I am fairly certain what we are looking at above is David, Ruby & Theo leaving home on the first day of the new school year. It was the Lowell School shirts which provided the primary clue.

And then we have some photo documentation of the trio of fruit pickers, holding what appear to possibly be baskets of freshly picked BIG Pacific Northwest blackberries. I can not tell for sure what strain of PNW blackberries these are, Himalayas, or Evergreens. Perhaps a new strain of which I am not familiar.

These look as if they'd make some mighty fine blackberry pie or cobbler.

And then we end with Theo taking a big bite out of one of the BIG blackberries.

Theo shared a fondness for blackberries with his favorite uncle. Theo was also the only one of the trio with no strong aversion to Walmart...

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