Monday, May 3, 2021

Water Roaring Over Lake Wichita Falls

With a strong wind blowing from the north today seemed a good day to roll south on the Circle Trail.

Having a windy assist makes for a speedy bike ride, til the part of the ride comes to head the other direction, into the wind.

Last week's rain had Holliday Creek running more water by my abode than I remember seeing after any previous rainstorms. It's been several day and there is still a lot of water making its way to the Wichita River and spilling over Lake Wichita Falls.

As you can see via the above photo documentation, my bike's handlebars are aimed at the current biggest loudest actual waterfall in Wichita Falls.

And just as is the case with the intermittently off and on fake falls which Wichita Falls is not named after, this current Lake Wichita Falls waterfall will soon dry up to return to its regular state of being a water-free dam spillway.

I have never eye witnessed Niagara Falls. The biggest waterfall I have ever experienced is Snoqualmie Falls, in Washington, a short distance east of Seattle. If you were, or are, a Twin Peaks fan, you have seen Snoqualmie Falls.

When Western Washington gets a lot of rain, and especially in winter if a Pineapple Express blows in with warm temperatures causing the Cascade snowpack to melt, well, serious flooding then happens to the Western Washington rivers, including the Snoqualmie River. 

And when that happens Snoqualmie Falls becomes an awesome thing to witness. Even though the Snoqualmie Falls viewing lookout is a long distance from the waterfall you can feel the ground shaking from the force of the falls. A mist makes it hard to see the falls from the lookout when it is in flood mode.

I just remembered Nooksack Falls. Another spectacular Washington waterfall. You sort of see that one from above, but can climb down the side of it. This is a bit scary. More than once someone has fallen over Nooksack Falls to their demise. 

Oh, just remembered I have also seen the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, in the spring, when the snowmelt makes for high water and the waterfalls in Yosemite at their most spectacular. But, none reached the ground shaking power of Snoqualmie Falls when flooding.

I don't know what has got me on waterfalls today. Oh, yeah, because I saw Lake Wichita Falls in somewhat rare dribble mode...

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