Saturday, May 1, 2021

Meet The Newest Member Of The Extended Jones Family: Nyjah Kaiholo Scott Mande

What you see here is the latest addition to the extended Jones Family, with his big brother, Izaiah.

The latest extended Jones Family addition is named Nyjah Kaiholo Scott Mande. 

Born on March 12, 2021 in the state of Hawaii.

On the island of Maui.

Currently at home in the Maui town called Haiku.

I do not know how to pronounce the newborn's first two names. But I do know how to pronounce his third name.


Scott is my eldest cousin, and the grandfather of the newborn. Scott is the eldest of my dad's big sister's two kids, the matriarch of the extended Jones Family, Aunt Arlene.

In addition to Scott Mande being cousin Scott's first grandkid, he is also Aunt Arlene's first great grandchild.

The last time I saw the new Scott's mama, Olivia, was way back on July 27, 2002, at the fairgrounds in Lynden, Washington, where I was attending the biggest family reunion in Jones Family history.

Some people prefer the Dutch spelling of Jones, which has a lot more letters, and is difficult for some to pronounce, with that Dutch spelling being Slotemaker.

And now for some more cuteness overload.

That would be the new Scott's other big brother, Izaak, holding him.

There are currently plans afoot to fly to Hawaii if this COVID nightmare ever abates sufficiently to make doing so a pleasant experience. I'm sure if that happens we will make it to Maui and meet the new Scott, his brothers, and mom and pop.

That and drive the Hana Highway to its end...

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