Monday, May 24, 2021

Bike Riding With The Fishing Lady Of Sikes Lake

The weather has been a bit inclement of late, so I have not been getting my regular dose of endorphins via aerobic activity. 

The 4th Monday of the 2021 version of May is also a bit inclement, with a threatening sky, and predictions of downpours and thunder.

Feeling stir crazy, today I decided to brave the elements to go on a bike ride.

I ended up having myself a mighty fine time rolling my wheels north on the Circle Trail, then through the Wichita Falls version of Beverly Hills, passing through the virtually empty Midwestern State University campus before crossing Midwestern Boulevard to ride around scenic Sikes Lake, where I saw the above lady sitting in a field of pink evening primroses, with a flock of geese, casting a line into the lake.

I do not know why the lady was fishing so far back from the lake edge. I could have asked, maybe, but it would seem rude to interrupt her peaceful nature communing.

Below you get the full, uncropped view of the lady fishing in Sikes Lake.

The above view also gives you a good look at that inclement weather I made mention of.

Due to the smooth look of the lake one would think such indicated no wind was blowing. I do not know why the lake was looking so smooth, because there was a strong wind blowing.

One more day of inclement weather is forecast, with a return to blue sky on Wednesday. 

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