Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Power Restored Emergency Evacuation Over (For Now)

You are looking at the Tuesday morning view from my computer room window.

Monday morning I abandoned my computer room, and the rest of my abode, to evacuate to a Comfort Inn.

Power had gone off and on the night before multiple times, before going off for good about 5 in the morning.

It was eerie to wake up to find absolute total darkness, along with eerie quiet.

By mid morning yesterday it was decided, what with the interior temperature creeping ever nearer to freezing, evacuating to a safe space seemed to be the thing to do.

The first attempt to find a motel room was at the nearby hotel Elsie Hotpepper stays in on her infrequent visits to town. The Hotpepper Hotel was also without power. Next closest was a Comfort Inn, about a half mile from my frozen abode, as a bird flies.

The view out the window of the Comfort Inn was not as scenic as my current view. The view looked out at a Taco Bueno, about 50 feet distant. Have I ever made mention of my Taco Bueno aversion?

The temperature got to a couple degrees below zero last night. We are on a warming trend, with the temperature scheduled to go once again above freezing on Friday.

But, snow is in the forecast for today. I will do no more driving until this icy nonsense ends. After checking out of the Comfort Inn this morning I slid myself to Walmart and ALDI and stocked up on survival goods. Walmart was totally wiped out of milk. ALDI still had milk. Both ALDI and Walmart were mostly wiped out of meat products.

Speaking of Elsie Hotpepper, she is still without power at her main residence in the Dallas/Fort Worth zone. Methinks this is a disaster in the making. A church in Wichita Falls opened up a shelter for those who could find no where to go once they lost power. 

My neighbor lost all her tropical fish when the water was without its heating function for way too long. What do people with little kids do in this type disaster? The ones who lose power, gradually their interior temperature going below freezing, not having the resources to evacuate to somewhere with heat. Like I said, methinks this is a disaster in the making...

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