Sunday, February 7, 2021

Flock Of Seagulls Make Sikes Lake Sea Their Home

With a few days until the incoming Polar Vortex drops the temperature at my location to way below freezing, on this first Sunday of the 2021 version of February I rolled my bike to Sikes Lake for a couple rides around the lake.

I had sufficient layers of clothing layered on, but still.


Particularly when heading into the wind blowing from the north.

I stopped my bike at the coffer dam which crosses Sikes Lake for no reason apparent to me. I am referring to the coffer dam having no reason apparent to me, not me stopping at the coffer dam having no reason.

My reason for stopping at the coffer dam was to aim my handlebars at the dam and the flock of seagulls which have taken up residence there, to take the photo you see above.

That must be one sad flock of seagulls. Hundreds of miles from the nearest sea, they must have decided Sikes Lakes was as good as it was going to get. Too bad they did not continue flying a few more miles south where they would have found a much larger lake in Lake Wichita. Or fly a few more miles further south where they would have found the way larger Lake Arrowhead.

Is it a normal thing for a flock of seagulls to take up residence at an artificial fresh water lake?

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