Friday, October 7, 2016

Will Truth & Justice Prevail In Largest Voter Fraud Investigation In Texas History?

I have no idea if this is really happening for real, or what, but via Facebook this morning I saw Texas Governor, Greg Abbott post that the "Largest Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas History Underway in Tarrant County. We will crush illegal voting."

Shortly after reading what Governor Abbott had to say I was sent that which you see below, along with a message explaining that which I was looking at.  The message is below the scanned image of the bill.

I have ordered data from Tarrant County dozens, if not hundreds, of times, including copies of Applications for ballot by mail and carrier envelopes. This week we ordered HD99 and the Tarrant County District attorney office sent me an invoice for $64,802.61 if I want to see those. I've seen just about every other district for $1. But HD99 is almost $65K.....I think people should ask the DA's office and Tarrant County elections why? Stop playing games Tarrant County. This infuriates me, but they picked on the wrong guy because I won't back down. This is an abuse of gov't in order to block me from accessing data which is rightfully due to the public. What is wrong with these so called "republicans" in Tarrant County? If you know please enlighten me.

The person who found the $64,000 question is Aaron Harris, he being of Direct Action Texas fame, trying to put a stop to flagrant election fraud in Texas. The $64,802.61 bill came from the Tarrant County District Attorney Office.

To me this sort of indicates that those responsible for perpetrating the Tarrant County Electoral Fraud are in full panic mode, going to outrageous measures in what seems to now amount to a criminal conspiracy to cover up the elections they rigged.

Methinks those who benefited from the election rigging, who were not party to the actual rigging, would do themselves a favor by getting ahead of the scandal and resigning their positions now, along with a statement condemning the criminal acts, and  maybe admitting that there did seem to be something fishy about that last election, but that assurances had been made that no hanky panky took place.

It will be interesting how this all plays out.

Will Truth, Justice and the American Way prevail? Or will what is known as the Fort Worth Way get its way, once again?

Stay tuned. This could get interesting....

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And now for something completely different:

The link is a Facebook photo of Fort Worth Way propagandist and runway model, Bud the Dud Kennedy. His name is even up in lights.

I don't know how to make the URL shorter.