Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today I Walked To Learn Jesus Rain Is Running For Nothing In Wichita Falls

For my prescribed Power Walk today I walked the Circle Trail north of my abode til nearly reaching Midwestern Boulevard.

Then exited the Circle Trail to head west through a couple apartment complexes, then circled back south through a Caribbean zone where all the streets are named after Caribbean islands.

Such as Grenada, which was the street on which I headed back east towards the Circle Trail.

Then I took Barbados til I got to Haiti.

All along the Power Walking today I was seeing a lot of political signs.

On Barbados I saw a sign which from a distance I thought a guy named Jesus Rain was running for something. As I got closer I saw that instead of Jesus Rain running for anything the sign was thanking Jesus for the Rain.

Does this sign date back to the end of the Wichita Falls drought over a year ago? Because lately Jesus has been raining down way too much rain on Wichita Falls, resulting in a lot of bad flooding.

Perhaps the sign should be amended to "THANKS JESUS FOR THE RAIN BUT YOU CAN LET UP NOW".

Haiti took me back to the Circle Trail to head south to my abode.

Walking the Caribbean neighborhood was pleasant. Lots of big trees shading me from the sun, which today was seeming almost HOT.

The Caribbean neighborhood has sidewalks.

Sidewalks were a rarity in my former Texas location, a town sadly lacking in many of the modern amenities one associates with modern American towns.

Like corruption free elections.....

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