Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Power Walking To Mount Wichita Too Much For Limpalong Slackluster

Today's events caused the thought to occurr to me that I may be being too gungho with this Power Walking thing I have been doing.

For today's Power Walk I opted to roll my motorized wheels to the east side of Lake Wichita to walk at high speed from the Lake Wichita dam spillway parking lot, all the way to Mount Wichita on the west end of the lake.

In the photo of the Lake Wichita dock bridge you can see Mount Wichita way in the distance, that little pimple on the horizon.

Today I was talked into bringing along a co-walker. I informed this co-walker that I walk fast, that I don't turn around if someone finds the walking too daunting.

The co-walker agreed to my terms.

I think it was some time after the two mile mark had been passed I began calling the co-walker Limpalong Slackluster.

The first leg of this walk is over the Lake Wichita Dam, a straight section of the Circle Trail. This is that which you see below, as seen from the Lake Wichita dock.

The Lake Wichita dock was rocking today, due to a strong wind blowing semi-big waves, almost to the point of waving in whitecap mode.

Eventually Mount Wichita came into closer view. Below is as far as the Power Walk walked today.

At this point Limpalong Slackluster indicated insufficient energy to facilitate a return to from whence we came. I suggested Limpalong limp to the Mount Wichita parking lot and I'd return to vehicle transport and then drive to pick up Limpalong.

Til today it had been a long time since I had this type incident. I think it was way back in 2002, or maybe 2003, that Gar the Texan had an attack of what I came to call "The Vapors" whilst mountain bike riding the Horseshoe Trails by Lake Grapevine.

When that attack came Gar the Texan could roll no further. I instructed the stricken Texan to slowly make his way down the trail til he came to a big open area, and that I would go get the vehicular transport and come rescue him.

Now that you are making me think about it, that Horseshoe Trails Gar the Texan vapor attack may not have been the last one I experienced.

It may have been after that that Gar the Texan had an attack of "The Vapors" during a trek to Oklahoma to go hiking around Turner Falls in the middle of winter.

One would think I would have learned my lesson a long time ago, that being to insist on some sort of doctor's report before I agree to take anyone with my on one of my strenuous excursions...

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