Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mysterious Sunday Morning Ferry Boat Ride With Spencer Jack

Incoming email this morning from Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason.

Subject line of email: Ferry boating with Spencer Jack.

Text in email: Favorite Nephew Spencer Jack boating this morning. Thought you'd enjoy the pic.

I looked at the "pic" and thought to myself why would Spencer Jack and his dad be floating a Washington ferry early Sunday morning out of Seattle?

Then I noticed all the people standing at the ferry's railing and realized this was not something one would usually be seeing on a Washington Super Ferry. Maybe on a warm, clear day, maybe. Because on a clear day those standing where these people are located would be looking towards Mount Rainier, with the mountain out, if it was a clear day.

Then I noticed the skyline in the background and thought where is the Seahawk Stadium and the Mariner Ballpark? Both should be visible to the right of the skyscraper skyline.

Then I noticed the tallest building on the skyline and realized that I was likely looking at the skyline of New York City, with that tall building being the Freedom Tower, or whatever it is the World Trade Center towers replacement ended up being named.

So, I am guessing the ferry Spencer Jack and his dad are on is taking them to visit the Statue of Liberty.

I will likely be receiving more details later....

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