Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Indigenous People's Day From New York City & Spencer Jack On The Today Show

Text message from Spencer Jack's dad this morning when I woke up my phone....

Good morning. I don't know if you're a Today Show fan, but if you watch the first half hour, your Favorite Nephew Spencer Jack is standing right behind Lester Holt.

Well, I have not watched the Today Show for years. That would seem to indicate I am not a fan of the Today Show.  Well, I guess it sort of does indicate I am not a fan. I assume if I were a fan I would be watching the Today Show.

I am so out of touch with the Today Show that until I read this morning's text message from Spencer Jack's dad, I did not realize that Vice-President Debate moderator, Lester Holt, is on the Today Show.

The two Today Shows photos came via email, not via phone. The photos included no explanatory text.

But, I am assuming in the photo at the top Spencer Jack is at One Rockefeller Plaza, looking in on the Today Show set.

The second photo also appears to be at One Rockefeller Plaza, with the throng that looks through the window at the Today Show in progress.

Maybe I am a Today Show fan, without knowing it, what with knowing what I am looking at in these photos without being told what I am looking at.

Monday, October 10 would make this Indigenous People's Day in much of America. Columbus Day in less enlightened locations in America.

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