Saturday, October 1, 2016

Aerobic Yoga Followed By Power Walking Wichita Falls Circle Trail North With Birds

The first day of October and day two of my new fall regimen of excessive power walking and aerobic yoga.

Yesterday I walked fast to the south, hoofing the Circle Trail all the way to Lake Wichita and back to my abode.

Today I headed north on the Circle Trail, hoofing it all the way to the north end of Hamilton Park and then back to my abode.

Somewhere around six miles of hoofing it.

It is the suddenly cool temperatures which makes walking the Circle Trail appealing. When the air is HOT, with little wind and no shade, the Circle Trail is not appealing for a middle of the day walk. When it is HOT I need some shade and a breeze blowing over a cooling body of water.

I was barely into the first mile of power walking when I saw that which you see above. A golfer hunting for his ball. I saw dozens of white golf carts rolling around the Weeks Park Golf Course, with only one bad golf ball hitter chasing his ball to the banks of Holliday Creek.

Acquaintances from the Pacific Northwest who look at my blog at time or two have verbalized surprise regarding how green the topography appears to be in what they had always thought was dusty, brown, desert covered Texas.

Geographically ignorant Yankees.

In many way at many times in the year much of Texas is much greener than the Evergreen State, particularly when the western half of Washington is in drought mode, which it was the last  time I flew up north.

When I hoof the Circle Trail there is no need to carry a water bottle with me.

No need to carry a water bottle because there are water fountains along the Circle Trail. One steps on a pedal on the ground and soon cool water burbles forth.

Below is the most disturbing thing I saw today, looking like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds.

I have no idea why these birds were congregating on this one roof of a large apartment complex near Weeks Access Road and Midwestern Boulevard. I took the above picture when I was heading north. The birds were still there an hour later when I was heading south.

This bird behavior seems disturbing to me. I would not want to be living in the apartment below.

Tomorrow for my power walk I think I will roll my mechanical wheels to the north parking lot at Hamilton Park and walk the Circle Trail north from there.

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Matthew Clemons said...

We have nice human/dog combination water fountains in the parks in Fort Worth. All decorative as it were, for none bring forth water.