Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Downtown Fort Worth Wants To Recognize My Trailblazing Contributions

Yesterday I got email from Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. asking me if I have blazed any trails lately, telling me that they want to recognize me for my contributions to Downtown Fort Worth.

I am so honored.

The email came with an attached document to fill out detailing my contributions to Downtown Fort Worth.

I have made so many contributions to Downtown Fort Worth it is hard for me to decide which to submit for this prestigious honor.

I suppose my number one contribution has been all the years I pointed out that Downtown Fort Worth was confusing its few tourists by having signs in its downtown zone pointing to Sundance Square, when there was no square in Downtown Fort Worth. When those few tourists would ask where Sundance Square was most would be pointed to the parking lots at the location where eventually, a couple years ago, an actual square was built.

And then goofily, redundantly named Sundance Square Plaza.

Another of my many contributions to Downtown Fort Worth has been pointing out what an embarrassment it has been for the city to allow a park which purports to celebrate Fort Worth's heritage to become a boarded up, cyclone fence surrounded eyesore, visible to all who come to Fort Worth, sitting as it does directly across the street from the Tarrant County Courthouse.

While my pointing out the Heritage Park eyesore embarrassment over and over again has yet to lead to the park being re-opened, there has been some progress, with there now being somewhat of a plan to move towards restoring Heritage Park.

Another of my many contributions to Downtown Fort Worth has been over and over again pointing out the fact that America's Biggest Boondoggle has cast a pall over development in Downtown Fort Worth, due to the fact that developers do not know if The Boondoggle will ever actually come to fruition and be the location to invest in, or is that investment opportunity elsewhere in Downtown Fort Worth, such as the underdeveloped south end of downtown?

Yes, I can see how pointing out such things is a big contribution to Downtown Fort Worth.

Does getting a Trailblazer Award come with a prize? Elsie Hotpepper has already insisted she be my date for the awards show.

I think I will wait til tomorrow, or the next day, to write my acceptance speech.....

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