Thursday, December 31, 2015

Belly Baby & Coco Being Perfect Cat Models

I think I may have already mentioned the fact that a couple days ago I was tasked with taking some modeling photos of Miss Puerto Rico's babies, Bella and Coco, to send to Florida to be made part of a photo collage to be sent to Puerto Rico to Miss Puerto Rico's papa for his happy birthday.

I had a Cat Modeling session two days ago which did not result in very good  pictures. Coco was not cooperative in that she kept pulling a blanket over her head.

The morning after the blanket pulling incident another photo taking attempt was made, with the intention being that Miss Puerto Rico would be in the photo with both babies. However, upon my arrival for the photo session both babies ran into hiding.

It was then decided to use the pictures I'd taken the day previous. I sent the best of those to Florida, but I did not like what I sent.

So, today I scheduled another modeling session. There was no hiding today. Both babies were very cooperative, posing together, responding to my posing cues.

The photo above has been sent to Florida. I do not yet know if it has been received. In the photo that is Bella, also known as Belly Baby, on the left, which would make that Coco on the right.

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