Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spencer Jack's Uncle Joey's Big King Salmon Catch Of The Day

What you are looking at here is a 66 pound 12 ounce King Salmon.

The catcher of the big fish is Spencer Jack's Favorite Uncle, my Favorite Nephew Joey.

I am guessing the location of the Big Catch is either somewhere in Washington's San Juan Islands, or further north, in the Straits of Georgia or Charlotte zone of British Columbia, near Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island is a real island, not an imaginary island of the sort Fort Worth imagines and then takes four years to build three little bridges, over dry land, from the mainland to the imaginary island.

No bridge connects Vancouver Island to the mainland. That would take one mighty long bridge. Ferry boats are how you get your vehicle to Vancouver Island.

Joey inherited the Jones Family fishing gene. Joey's brother, Jason, did not inherit the fishing gene. Nor did I.

I do not know if Spencer Jack takes after Joey or Jason and me in the fishing gene department.

Spencer Jack's Uncle Joey smokes a lot of the salmon he catches. It is safe to eat the fish you catch in the waters of Washington and British Columbia.

Unlike my current location, where, for the most part, fish you catch are not safe to eat, particularly if caught in the Trinity River.

I have a box of smoked salmon in my kitchen which arrived last Christmas. That smoked salmon did not come from my Favorite Nephew Joey.....

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