Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Is TRWD General Manager Jim Oliver Afraid Will Be Exposed With Full TRWD Transparency?

Captain Clean, during the recent Tarrant Regional Water District Board Member Election, promised to do some TRWD Flushing if any of Captain Clean's candidates were elected to the board.

Well, Mary Kelleher was elected. Elected with the most votes any candidate has ever received in a TRWD Board Election.

Mary Kelleher has been busy making good on her campaign promises regarding transparency and open meetings and accountability.

To that end, Mary Kelleher on Friday, June 21, went to TRWD headquarters to request documents to review.

This perfectly legitimate request for documents to review, in Mary Kelleher's capacity as an elected member of the TRWD Board of Directors, quickly spun out of control, with the out of control part of the spin provided by TRWD General Manager, Jim Oliver, which lead Mary Kelleher to send Jim Oliver a letter, a copy of which I have received, part of which had Mary Kelleher telling Jim Oliver the following...

As requested by Ms. King, I did come back in the afternoon. Instead of being provided the documents, I was confronted by you, and you proceeded to yell at me while beating on your chest and declaring that all future requests be made to you. As a result, despite Ms. King's promise of the documents, I still have not been able to see any of the documents I requested.

You were noticeably frustrated and angry with my attempts to obtain documents that would shed light on what happens at the TRWD. Please understand that was what I was elected to do and I have a legal right to review such documents. I take very seriously my responsibilities as an elected official, and I expect that my attempts to provide the necessary oversight in the future will not be met with raised voice, chest-pounding,
disrespect, and other behavior unacceptable for a public servant, let alone the senior executive member of the TRWD. It has come to my attention that you have been similarly inappropriate in your email correspondence with John Basham. See, e.g.. Exhibit A, attached. In light of these repeated outbursts, in my view, the District should consider whether it is appropriate for you to continue in your current position and/or whether you should be required to take anger management training.

You can read the entire letter, including the above referenced Jim Oliver inappropriate correspondence with John Basham, by clicking here.

I can not help but wonder, given the reasonableness of Mary Kelleher's request to review TRWD documents, with that request causing such an uncalled for, unprofessional, inappropriate, hysterical reaction from the TRWD General Manager, what it is that Jim Oliver is so afraid will be exposed if full transparency sheds bright light on the years of closed door dealings of the Tarrant Regional Water District Board....


Anonymous said...

I can not be the only one to whom it is clear there is no option other than firing Jim Oliver. His behavior is not simply a case of not being able to manage his anger. It is his bad judgment exhibited in acting in such a manner, to an elected official, for which he needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...

That and I've heard that Jim Oliver has turned a blind eye to shenanigans of the sort where a TRWD employee gets caught, flagrante delicto, in the throes of passion with a woman other than his wife, caught by said wife, with other TRWD employees engaged in the catching of the high ranking TRWD official, caught, pants down, in an illicit assignation with an employee of the TRWD. And somehow this amoral guy keeps his job????