Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Cordially Invites You To A Historic Ground Blessing

Since this invite came from the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, and one is asked to RSVP to the Trinity River Vision Boondoogle, I guess it is safe to assume that the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle has now broadened its vision to include erecting statues and building plazas on which statues are erected.

Apparently, before we can have the statue erection we must bless the land upon which the statue will stand.

Hence the cordial invite to the historic ground blessing of the future site of the Major Ripley Allen Arnold Monument and the John V. McMilllan Plaza.

This will take place directly behind the Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus at the doomed confluence of the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity River.

The announcement does not use the word "doomed" regarding the confluence of the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity River.

Mentioning that confluence in a Trinity River Vision Boondoggle announcement is sort of ironic, due to the fact that if the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle ever actually becomes anything anyone would want to see, one of those things is a small pond, where currently the two forks of the Trinity River join forces to become a bigger river.

It also seems ironic, to me, that the TCC Trinity River Campus is to be the location of a Major Ripley Allen Arnold Monument. The TCC Trinity River Campus originally was Radio Shack's Corporate Headquarters, before an amazing confluence of Fort Worth/Tarrant County Boondoggles had TCC taking over the Radio Shack building.

Radio Shack's Corporate Headquarters are built at the location of a former monument to Major Ripley Allen  Arnold in the form of the Ripley Arnold Housing Development, a development which was taken by abusing eminent domain so Radio Shack could build the corporate headquarters it could not afford.

It would seem the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle has now broadened its scope to include Native American Spirituality. The TRVB announcement informs us that the Medicine Wheel, pictured on the announcement, represents harmony and connections and is considered a major symbol of peaceful interaction among all living beings on Earth.

More irony.

So, this Medicine Wheel will be an important part of this historic ground blessing ceremony, with a ceremonial Native American blessing by Eddie Sandoval.

An Apache.

The Medicine Wheel is a major symbol of peaceful interaction among all living beings. Yet one more irony, what with the Texas Native American population having been long ago either exterminated or run out of the state, mostly to Oklahoma, with Oklahoma being a state where many of the tribes which used to reside in Texas, now live.

I don't think the Apache ever had a Texas presence. Could not a Comanche spiritual leader be found for this historic blessing?

Hubris, more hubris....


MLK said...

Sound like a bunch of Washington State native American bullcrap My GOD, the Indians have their fingers in every pie where I work. Can't dredge a driver without their spiritual leaders saying hocus pocus words over the river first

Texas took care of their Indian problem We wiped 'em out, and what we didn't we shipped them off to Oklahoma

dannyboy said...

I go with JD GRanger on this one. It is important to have a blessing done before embarking on a historic erection.

Fifth-gen Texan said...

Yes, the Apaches did have a presence in Texas: