Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hoping The Seattle Seahawks Beat The Atlanta Falcons Today So They Can Win The Super Bowl

Sampson (on the right) & Delilah
In the picture you are looking at the football fanatic fans known as Sampson & Delilah.

That is Delilah on the left. I like the sound of Sampson & Delilah better than Delilah & Sampson, which really has no ring to it.

You might have guessed that Sampson & Delilah were football fanatics, without me telling you that, due to the Seattle Seahawk logo Sampson & Delilah got tattooed to their right cheeks.

Sampson & Delilah are my go to source for info about the ongoing quest of the Seattle Seahawks to make it to this year's Super Bowl.

However, I somehow got a bit of my Sampson & Delilah info erroneously misconstrued, because I was harboring the misconception that if Seattle beat the Washington Redskins last Sunday, which they did, that Seattle would have to win only one more game, that being today's game playing the Atlanta Falcons, and then it'd be on to the Super Bowl.

But, yesterday, Sampson & Delilah disabused me of my erroneous notion by informing me that Seattle has to win today and then beat one more team before I have to head up to Seattle to be the party coordinator for the annual Sampson & Delilah Super Bowl Party.

I have not been to a Sampson & Delilah party in years, not since some point in time in October or November of 2005. And that party was at the next door neighbors of Sampson & Delilah, not at the S & D abode. It was at that party I learned I was able to throw darts quite accurately, and that something called a Long Island Iced Tea is not the type Iced Tea I was used to drinking in Texas.

Speaking of adult libations, there will be no repeat of last Sunday's Durango cocktails at this week's pre-Super Bowl Party.

The snacking for this week's pre-Super Bowl Party will be Cheese Quesadillas and Shrimp.

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