Friday, September 7, 2012

I Did Not Bike On To The River Legacy Park Deck Overlook While Thinking About Nephew David Jumping Up and Down Shouting Uncle Durango

In the picture my handlebars are looking at the boardwalk that leads to a deck that overlooks the Trinity River in River Legacy Park in Arlington.

Fort Worth overlooks 2 similar overlooks in Gateway Park. Arlington does not overlook its overlook while Fort Worth has allowed its overlooks to deteriorate, with closed to public signs installed, rather than fixing the overlooked overlooks.

The River Legacy Park overlook also has a sign. It says "BIKES NOT ALLOWED ON DECK."

I do not know the reason for this particular instance of bicycular discrimination, but even though I did not see the reason for this discrimination, I did not go into scofflaw mode, and instead kept my bike off the deck and used the walking method to transport myself on to the deck.

Below is a picture of part of what you see from the River Legacy Park river viewing deck. A really cool looking big dead tree, on the north side of the river.

Today is supposed to break the local temperature record, somewhere above 100.  It is currently 99 degrees at half past 1 in the afternoon.

Tonight a much anticipated cold front arrives, with storm action. Spontaneous celebrating should ensue. Not celebrating the storm action, it'd be the chilly temperature that will be lifting spirits and causing celebrating. The high for Saturday is predicted to be in the relatively chilly 80s, with it getting down to a really chilly 60 something over night.

For months now I've been thinking I'd escape the Texas heat by going north to Washington. But, I kept putting off booking a flight out of here.

Yesterday I heard from my nephew David's mom that David overheard his mom telling his grandma that Uncle Durango was coming for a visit. Hearing this David started jumping up and down, yelling "Uncle Durango" over and over again. David has never met Uncle Durango. I guess Uncle Durango's reputation for being a fun uncle has preceded his actual having done his notoriously well done uncle duty for David, and his brother and sister, the twins, Theo John and Ruby Jean.

It's been awhile since I had myself a fine time being a great uncle. I hope my uncle skills have not deteriorated from lack of practice.

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Unknown said...

Uncle Durango! Uncle Durango! It has a nice ring to it. And all your readers have experienced your avuncular personality. Have a nice trip to the Trinity hills today, Uncle Durango.