Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chesapeake Energy's Noisy Fort Worth Pipeline Drilling

Since early this morning there has been a constant throbbing hum vibrating my neighborhood. At times the throbbing hum gets very loud.

Around 10 this morning I needed to make a call to Los Angeles. I needed to be at my computer to make this call. My computer sits by a window. I knew I would not reliably be able to hear what was being said on the phone.

I needed a makeshift solution.

This will likely sound very pitiful, but my solution was to haul my wireless laptop into my windowless walk-in closet where the humming was less loud. I successfully completed the call, whilst sitting on the floor of my closet.

Like I said, pitiful.

Around 2 this afternoon Miss Puerto Rico called to ask if the noise was driving me crazy. I said yes. She said it was so loud where she was that it was unbearable, rendering the office unable to work. I asked what the noise was coming from.

It was then I learned that the noise is coming from the Chesapeake Energy non-odorized natural gas pipeline drilling operation that I made mention of previously, after Chesapeake Energy mailed me a letter telling me they would be laying a pipeline from their Loop 820/Boca Raton Boulevard Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drilling Pad Site.

A Chesapeake Energy accomplice, Quail Energy Services, is the culprit actually making the noise.

Miss Puerto Rico told me I should go over to her place and hear how bad the noise is from her balcony overlooking the operation.

The YouTube video I made of the noisy view from Miss Puerto Rico's is what you see and hear in the video above.

How does Chesapeake Energy get permission to drill under the parking lot of an apartment complex, right in front of the apartments, and Miss Puerto Rico's office? Miss Puerto Rico told me they were given no notice that Chesapeake Energy was going to be doing this, other than the amorphous letter the entire neighborhood got.

Just like when water pipelines were laid to run water for this particular well's fracking, with no notice given, with the leaking pipes causing water problems in Miss Puerto Rico's parking lots.

Like I say in the video.


How does Chesapeake Energy get to create this level of disturbance with no consequence?

Has Miss Puerto Rico's apartment complex been compensated for what is going on on her property? It appears once the pipeline leaves Miss Puerto Rico's apartment complex it will cross Bridgewood Drive, then head north on the west side of Bridgewood Drive. This will eventually take the pipeline right by my abode.

I am feeling like I'm on a post-Apocalypse Carter Avenue, with no Steve Doeung existing in my neighborhood able to take on Chesapeake Energy and make that corrupt company behave in a civilized manner....

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Unknown said...

Fort Worth and Texas are the equivalent of a Banana Republic beholden to the Gas Drillers for unseen financial gain while citizens are treated as peons.
It won't change until Texans rise up through the ballot box and throw out politicians who have impressive greed glands but diminished capacity for wisdom.