Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Riding Tonight With The Packs Of Bikers At River Legacy Park

I was back to Arlington to River Legacy Park tonight to bike to the 7 miles marker at the far east side of the park.

My secondary motive (primary motive is to try and get in shape) for biking along the Trinity River tonight was to take a picture of the bridge built a few years ago across the Trinity River, connecting the park to both sides of the river and extending the paved trail for several new miles.

I wanted to use a picture of the River Legacy bridge in a blogging where I am intending to opine about a new pedestrian bridge in Fort Worth across the Trinity. But, that blogging will need to wait until tomorrow.

This gives us all something to look forward to.

Back to tonight's bike ride. Once again I was surprised and impressed at the number of Texans out biking, walking, blading and playing.

One change I am sort of ambivalent about.

I don't remember biker packs in years previous biking the River Legacy trails. Tonight I encountered 4 different packs of bikers, pedaling fast, all close together, single file. The biggest group passed me, or met me, 3 times.

I have never understood the attraction of biking in a pack. It'd make me nervous. Each of the packs was very courteous, announcing their high speed passing.

I'm really liking my new bike. Every time I've had a new bike previous there have always been issues requiring a return to the bike shop. So far, no issues.


CatsPaw said...

If you want a current pic of the pedestrian bridge, I can get one for you Thursday.

Durango said...

Thanks CatsPaw, I've got the pic I needed for blogging purposes, that being the one in River Legacy Park, but a pic of the bridge in question might be useful too, if it's not a lot of bother for you.