Saturday, April 14, 2012

Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival April 19 - 22 On Historic Red Bricks

I was surprised yesterday to learn, via an email from the Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. people that it is already that time of year that the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival takes place.

Thursday, April 19, through Sunday, April 22, to be exact.

The first time I experienced the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival it did not take place in Downtown Fort Worth.

A tornado spun its way through Downtown Fort Worth on March 28, 2000, wreaking havoc with Main Street and other streets in Downtown Fort Worth, so that year the Arts Festival was moved to the location where Fort Worth tries to contain its culture, the Cultural District.

I was less than 2 years into my Texas Exile when I experienced the Main St. Arts Festival. This was to be the first time in Texas, and in Fort Worth, that I experienced something that was better done than I'd experienced elsewhere.

In other words the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival is bigger and better than any similar festival I ever attended in Washington.

The Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival was also the first place I experienced the bizarre Texas custom of making you buy coupons in order to buy something like a hot dog and a Coke. You wait in one line to trade your dollars for coupons and then you wait in another line to pay for your hot dog and Coke with coupons.

A Texan later told me, after I experienced the coupon payment method at the State Fair of Texas, that the reason for the coupon method was that it was too hard to find short term help that was able to make change, but that they were able to count coupons.

I also later learned that there were parts of Texas where people could be found who could make change and thus the coupon purchase method was not used, like Canton First Mondays. It being another Texas thing that is better and bigger than I've ever experienced anywhere else.

There is a blurb on the promotional poster, above, that about sums up the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival...

"Let your imagination spin wild at one of the top-rated arts festivals in America. Enjoy revolutionary art, sensational music and delectable food on the historic red bricks of Downtown. The Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival - a kaleidoscope of sight, sound and soul."

Historic red bricks? What is it with Fort Worth and its red bricks. I remember years ago asking a Fort Worth native I called Beth the Reporter why Camp Bowie Boulevard is a cobblestoned mess. She told me that the brick roadway was unique and Fort Worth kept it because it is so special.

I informed Beth the Reporter that there was nothing special or unique about that cobblestoned road. I recollect asking her if she'd been to the Texas town of Ennis, which has a cobblestoned street. I have seen several towns in Texas with cobblestoned streets and squares.

What is historic about the red bricks of downtown Fort Worth? Does anyone know?

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Anonymous said...

Get the history of the Thurber Brick yard and how the bricks were used to pave the streets and the Stockyards of FW and it's environs.