Friday, April 6, 2012

I Am Back In The Bike Saddle Again On Texas Trails

My New Bike
My K2 bike, that I bought in 2002, was stolen in October of 2010.

When my bike was stolen, after me being back biking for a very short time, after an over a year bike hiatus, I decided to give up on biking til I moved to a more bike friendly location.

Today I changed my mind and got a new bike.

Bike technology seems to have improved over the past decade. No longer do I have caliper brakes, I now have disc brakes.

The suspension seems a bit different than my former bike, but other than that, for the most part, it feels like I've not long been out of the saddle.

When I got the K2 bike a decade ago I had a few problems adjusting to it and getting it to feel right. This new bike feels right already.

Methinks I shall be having some fun pedaling to locations I've not seen for over a year. Pedaling by the Cowtown Wakepark perhaps. Or to the ends of the River Legacy Park trails.


Steve A said...

Good quality "U" locks are to be had at your Wal Mart for under $20. I liked the OnGuard OG which they sell for $12.96. I'd rather not having Durango bikes disappear become a pattern.

None of my bikes have those newfangled brakes, so either I "keep up with the Durangos" or simply bask in reflections of your disc-braked glory. I think I rather like reflections.

Durango said...

Thanks for the lock advice, Steve A. I need to get bar ends too, or whatever they are called. Also need to get a storage bag or two to stick the camera and cell phone in. And keys. Also need a water bottle. These things did not cross my mind when I left the store with the new bike.

I dunno what I think of these newfangled brakes. It looks like it might be an adventure to figure out the first time I need to take the wheel off. It was so easy with caliper brakes.

I hope my anti-theft measures work.

Bike Locks said...

K2 is a nice bike, infact, this is a nice companion.