Friday, April 13, 2012

Hiking The Tandy Hills Before Sunday's Big Storm & Tonight's Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo

Yellow Blooms Sticking Up On The Tandy Hills
If the weather predictors are correct I only have a couple days to get in some good hill hiking before a BIG STORM drops a lot of wet on the Tandy Hills and North Texas on Sunday.

So, I had myself some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation on the Hills of Tandy today in the noon time frame.

I do not recollect the Tandy Hills ever looking so lushly green as they are currently looking.

I neglected to mention that I hiked the Tandy Hills late yesterday afternoon.

Of late I've come across some strange things on the Tandy Hills.

Yesterday when I arrived at the top of Mount Tandy I startled a couple sitting on a slab of cement, with their two pit bulls. They'd hiked from the View Street entry to the hills. Their first time hiking the Tandy Hills.

Rather adventurous, I thought, to make it from View Street to the base of the Fort Worth Space Needle. The man of the couple said he was a little concerned about finding their way back due to the seemingly confusing maze of trails. I described an easy way to find their way back, via crossing the escarpment of Tandy Falls.

A few minutes after giving those directions I crossed that escarpment and headed up the hill to the trail that leads in from View Street. I was near the top when I was startled by the loud noise of an animal coming up fast behind me.

It was Stenotrophomonas.

Stenotrophomonas has not made any blog comments for awhile, not since the Tandy Highway Sanitary Sewer Flood, if my memory serves me correctly. I'd wondered what had become of Stenotrophomonas. I think Stenotrophomonas has become some sort of fitness nut since I last saw him, judging by the speed with which he runs up steep hills.

When I arrived on top of Mount Tandy today there was an AT & T van, parked outside the fenced area around the Fort Worth Space Needle. And a Volvo parked up against the cable that blocks easy entry to the Tandy Wagon Trail.

As I was heading back up Mount Tandy, after completing my hiking regimen, I came upon a guy who said he was lost. He said when he started his hike he parked by what he said was a power company van. I suggested AT & T and that he likely parked at the top of the hill I was heading up.

I did not remember the car parked there was a Volvo, so I could not ask if he was driving a Volvo. The guy was insistent that he did not park at the top of Mount Tandy. And that he'd not parked on View Street.

There ain't a lot of other options. It is several hours later, I hope that guy is not still wandering around trying to find where he parked his car.

Changing the subject from lost souls to bingo.

Tonight is Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo. It is Free Food Friday, where you get 2 hot dogs, chips and a drink. And I'll get another chance to win another bike.


Stenotrophomonas said...

Since on days I work I get home after midnight, I am rarely seen in public at the early hours you frequent Tandy Hills. Now this late middle aged fat man would hardly be mistaken for a fitness freak. My left knee-who must be obeyed-has decreed that there will be no running. I used to run to the Hills, and then maybe down Sewer Road and from the open "park" area to Ben St and up to the western trail that starts just south of the end of Ben. Now I just walk fast up hills, and limp going down.

I saw that couple with the 2 dogs. First time was when they were coming toward the Falls from the Chesapeakistan trail. Quite a bit later, they turned up on the way to View St, so I guess they didn't get too lost.

Durango said...

Stenotrophomonas, you did not appear to me to be a late middle aged fat man with bad knees. I thought I was hiking fast up the hill that you sped up behind me on. Your speed was faster than mine. Hence, you were running. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.