Saturday, April 14, 2012

Foot Traffic Only On The Tandy Hills With Native American Butterflies

Foot Traffic Only With The Stunning Skyline Of
Beautiful Downtown Fort Worth
In The Distance
I planned to enter the Tandy Hills today from the View Street location. But when I arrived there there were way too many vehicles and people. So, I drove to the top of Mount Tandy where there were no vehicles or people.

On the Tandy Hills there is a cable fence that marks the eastern edge of the Natural Area.

The FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY sign you see attached to the cable fence is a short distance to the south of the Tandy Hills Shrine, halfway down Mount Tandy.

I don't know why there a need for a FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY sign at this location due to the fact that being on foot is about the only means of conveyance that one might use to traverse the landscape past this sign.

Is This A Native American Butterfly?
Changing the subjects from silly signs to butterflies.

A couple days ago I was amazed at the number of butterflies hovering all around me as I biked with the Indian Ghosts at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

The past couple days I've been seeing even more butterflies hovering all around me on the Tandy Hills.

It is like the butterflies are being playful. They remind me of Avatar.

Speaking of Indian Ghosts, the butterfly in the picture, who kindly stayed still long enough for me to photograph him or her, has a color scheme that looks, to me, to be very Native American.

The wind continues to blow. I continue to hear annoying wind chimes. The sky continues to look stormy.

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CatsPaw said...

Your friend is a common buckeye butterfly. Common, I guess, because they roam much of the country, so yes, a "native American butterfly" as well as parts of Mexico and the Caribbean. I did see a note, though, that said they avoid the Pacific Northwest. Odd, isn't it?