Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Final Wednesday Of April Heating To 93 Degrees Today In Texas

The view is blue from my primary viewing portal on this final Wednesday of April.

But the sky is not totally blue. Big puffy white clouds are blotting out some of the blue.

At 65 degrees it is already semi-warm this morning.

The temperature predictors are predicting a high of 93 today. I don't think we've gotten into the 90s yet this year. I may be forgetting a HOT previous day in 2012.

I am skipping my regular morning swim this morning. This is a regularly scheduled morning swim skip. I tend to overdo that which I do, so I have to not do every once in awhile.

I must attend to something important for Elsie Hotpepper now. I'll talk to you later when I have more time.


CatsPaw said...

Well, good - as you have posted this morning, we know this is not you:

Durango said...

No, CatsPaw, it was not me. Elsie Hotpepper. inquired as well.