Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts To Arlington's Interlochen Canals

Interlochen Canal In Arlington
That is one of the Interlochen Canals, in Arlington, you are looking at in the picture.

Today I was able go bike riding with the Indian Ghosts who haunt Village Creek Natural Historical Area because the park closed sign was no more.

Until the next flood.

For the first time in over a year I left the Indian Ghosts behind, exiting the Historical Area to the Bob Findlay Linear Park, also known as Pioneer Trail.

Seeing the Canals of Interlochen today got me wondering how it was Arlington was able to builds these canals. Was there a Rush Creek Vision? Did the project that resulted in the Interlochen Canals get Federal earmark money courtesy of a corrupt Congressman? Or Congresswoman? To help grease the Congressperson's help was the job of managing the Interlochen Canal project given to that Congressperson's unqualified, unemployed son?

I actually know the answer to these probing questions. The Interlochen Canals and Lake Interlochen are the result of a private development envisioned by Bob Findlay. A nationally recognized project that turned a gravel pit and floodlands into a valuable piece of real estate.

The Interlochen Neighborhood covers 4.578 square miles and is home to 11,660 Arlingtonians.

I do not believe any property was stolen via the abuse of eminent domain to facilitate the Interlochen Canal Vision.

The Interlochen Canal Vision resulted, eventually, in the Lake Interlochen Homeowners Association that takes care of the upkeep of the canal system, which includes the impound dam on Rush Creek and the structures that control the inflow and outflow of Lake Interlochen.

I do not know if J.D. Granger and his cronies took one of their infamous junket parties to Arlington to check out the Interlochen Canals. Likely not.

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