Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 3rd Sunday Of April With Thunder & Rain & No Tornado Sirens So Far

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell on this 3rd Sunday of the 4th month of 2012 it does not appear that much wet drippage has dropped on this part of the planet, so far, on this day that the weather predictors have predicted will be very wet.

My local bird population is in heavy duty tweeting mode this morning, apparently happily oblivious to the prediction that severe storms are possible this morning.

I am very happy that Mother Nature decided to stop being such a blowhard this morning. The non-stop racket of wind chimes was really wearing on my hyper-sensitive nerves.

When this Sunday ends, with it being April 15, already half of the month will have passed into history. It is a month since I flew to Phoenix. I really tire of the ever faster passage of time. I seem to be aging at an accelerated pace.

I just heard my first thunder boom of the day. The sky is beginning to look a bit menacing.

Methinks I need to get in my morning swim in before lightning bolts start striking my neighborhood.

Yikes! Suddenly a downpour of heavy duty drippage has arrived. I may re-think that swimming plan.

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Steve A said...

Raining up north in Colleyville, too...