Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Fort Worth Thinks Dallas Does

I saw the above item about Dallas on Facebook this morning from Miss CD0103. I thought it was amusing.

I have experienced the "What out-of-state relatives think about Dallas"  type attitude.

I remember shortly before moving to Texas I went to the movies with a Seattleite to watch the X-Files movie.

The X-Files movie starts in Dallas.

But, for some reason a residential area that looked like it was in the West Texas desert was made to look like it was at the fringe of the Dallas downtown. Even at that point in time, prior to making the move to Texas, I knew this was not what it looked like.

I leaned over to the Seattleite and whispered, "that is not what it looks like, it actually is very green, not brown desert."

She then smugly and sarcastically said, "yeah, right."

Four months after I made the move to Texas that same smug, sarcastic Seattleite took a trip here to see for herself what I'd moved myself to. I do not recollect asking her if she now got why I said the X-Files movie had Dallas all wrong.

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cd0103 said...

You are so funny. You can call me Connie... just don't use my last name... I am afraid Elsie Hotpepper would get jealous.