Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Walls Of Fort Chesapeake Come Tumbling Down While Albertsons Draws A Yellow Line

The Walls Of Fort Chesapeake Come Tumbling Down
Yesterday I noticed new signs at my neighborhood Albertson's.

A few minutes ago I decided to walk over to Albertson's to get this week's FW Weekly and

And to take a picture of the new Albertson's signs.

I was surprised to see an unexpected bonus during my walk to Albertson's.

That unexpected bonus was to see that the walls of my neighborhood Fort Chesapeake are being taken down.

Last Thursday, in a blogging titled "When Will The Walls Of Chesapeake Energy Come Tumbling Down?"  I mentioned being appalled that these Fort Chesapeake eyesores were allowed to visually pollute residential neighborhoods.

I guess the answer to that when will the walls come tumbling question, asked last Thursday, was the following Wednesday.

Albertson's Cart Warning Sign
Back to Albertson's.

Signs have been placed at various locations on the Albertson's parking cautioning shoppers that their cart will STOP suddenly if taken beyond the yellow line.

I can't help but wonder how it was determined that it made business sense to invest in new high-tech shopping carts?

I do know, a time or two, I have noticed Albertson's grocery carts abandoned, off property.

I suspect shoppers use the grocery carts to haul their groceries back to their nearby abodes.

Rather than replace the old grocery carts with these new auto-lock ones, why not go for other options? To use an ALDI grocery cart you rent it for a quarter.

If a shopper is so desperate to haul their groceries home, due to not having a vehicle, that they roll their groceries home in the Albertson's grocery cart, why not come up with a way to solve that problem?

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Aubrey Mc said...

Hold on there pardner. Using the ALDI cart model won't really solve the problem because the scoundrals will still be able to take other people's/Albertson's private property (and inconveniencing the shopping public) without their consent. Just that it would now cosr them some pocket change.

Trust me. I am a pro at this con.