Friday, February 10, 2012

Walking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Thinking About Tonight's Camp Bowie Bingo

A Very Jaded Village Creek In Arlington
Before I forget, I need to mention that tonight you can go play Bingo at Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo.

I just blogged the details on the Paradise Center blog

In addition to winning money via yelling "BINGO" there are gift bags, flowers and sweets for the early birds arriving to Bingo.

Now, back to our regular programming.

It rained last night. So, I chose to not go to the Tandy Hills for my daily endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

Instead I chose to go walk with my favorite Indian Ghosts, those being the ones who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington.

As you can see, Village Creek is looking a bit green. Quite a contrast with yesterday's look at a crystal clear Tandy Creek.

I don't know why Village Creek is a shade of jade.

The Arlington Parks Department does an excellent job of cleaning up the muddy mess that is left after a flood. Today there was nary any indication that recently the creek crossings had been a muddy mess.

Quite a contrast with the cleanup job the Fort Worth Parks Department does after a flood leaves a mess. Such as the mess left behind by the recent raw sewage spill on the Tandy Hills.

I am feeling quite a bit better after getting my endorphins. I have a big website project to tackle that requires being in a very good mood.

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Jones family said...

Appreciate bringing the new, and the only smoke-free one in Tarrant county, bingo hall to our attention. We sure enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone as a good clean place for affordable entertainment that individuals and families can enjoy.