Friday, February 17, 2012

Walking With Village Creek Indian Ghost Crows Thinking About Healing Cabbage Soup & Yellow Wildflowers

Village Creek Indian Ghost Crows
I thought a walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area might make me feel a lot better than the headachy respiratory woes misery I was suffering this morning.

I thought right. I feel way better having breathed in some of what passes for fresh air on this part of the planet.

In the picture you are looking at a pair of crows at the top of a pair of oak trees that overlook the Village Creek Blue Bayou.

Crows were and are a big deal in the Native American culture. I'm sure there must have been some deep spiritual significance to the two crows who were keeping an eye on me whilst I communed with the Indian Ghosts.

Spring really felt in the air today, even though it is over a month til the Vernal Equinox. Wildflowers are doing some early blooming, like the beautiful, bright yellow wildflower you see below.

Is that not a colorful bloom of yellow? The grass was semi-carpeted with these sunny blooms today. The sunny yellow blooms did not give off a pleasant fragrance.

Among the bright, yellow wildflowers were these white balls of cotton looking wildflowers. These white ball of cotton wildflowers remind me of the top of the Reunion Tower in Dallas.

It is time for lunch now. I made a supposedly healing pot of cabbage chicken soup. That is what the recipe called it, a healing pot of soup. I will let you know if it healed me. I have my doubts.

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Anonymous said...

Did you realize those clouds in the trees look like ghosts? Indian ghosts?