Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today I Was Shocked To Find The Tandy Highway Has Turned Into The Tandy Sewer River

Tandy Trojan Horse On Roof Of House
Today was the first day I have been back on the Tandy Hills since our recent deluge.

I parked on top of Mount Tandy, under the Fort Worth Space Needle. The trail down Mount Tandy, leading to the trail junction, where the choices are to go north or south, was a bit damp.

At the trail junction I saw that the Tandy Trojan Horse had moved on top of the house that arrived a couple weeks ago.

As you can see looking at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, it is partially cloudy today. What you can't see is that it is quite warm. Currently 70.

At the trail junction I chose to take the north option, planning to cross Tandy Falls. I was soon shocked to find that doing so is currently not possible.

Tandy River Sewer Flood
Last week Stenotrophomonas told me that after the rain the Tandy Highway had turned into the Tandy River.

Today when I got to the bottom of Mount Tandy and saw the Tandy Highway I was very surprised to see that it is still being the Tandy River, more than a week after we got around 4 inches of rain.

There have been plenty of times more than 4 inches of rain has fallen on the Tandy Hills, without turning the Tandy Highway into a river.

I was very perplexed.

Due to being blocked by the river I could not make it to the Tandy Falls crossing. So, I backtracked back up Mount Tandy, to go down the south trail option to the Tandy Highway.

When I reached the Tandy Highway from the south trail I expected to see it covered with running water. But, it was dry.

Now I was even more perplexed.

Perplexed due to the fact that there are no creek crossings, or water sources, that I knew of, that would explain the flood.

Tandy Sanitary Sewer Fountain
So, I headed north on the dry Tandy Highway. After awhile I began to hear the sound of water gurgling.

And then I saw the source of the flood.

Water shooting out of a Fort Worth Sanitary Sewer manhole.

That explained the malodorousness.

Apparently this manhole has been spewing sewer water for over a week, flowing into Tandy Creek, and then the Trinity River.

Now, it is well known that untreated sewer water flowing into the Trinity River is no big deal in this part of the planet. Come summer, many of the locals think nothing of going inner tubing in the Trinity River's untreated sewer water.

A Closer Look At The Tandy Sewer Fountains
What is causing this outpouring, I can not help but wonder? Is the sewer line plugged further down the line, causing the backflow to flood out of the manhole?

The city has been doing a lot of work on the sewer lines in the Tandy Hills.

Is the city aware that one of their Sanitary Sewer Manholes has turned into the Tandy Sewer Fountain?

Like I already said, this is all very perplexing.


Don Young said...

The City is now aware. I'm awaiting a response.

Durango said...

DY, have you seen the new river? What a mess. Rain is supposed to arrive soon. I doubt it will be fixed before then. So, it will be a bigger mess.