Friday, February 17, 2012

The Third Friday Of February With A Big Lone Star Of Texas Headache

Three emails and two phone calls asking me if something is wrong due to me not having done my ritualistic morning blogging that starts with that morning's view from one of my viewing portals on the outer world has me feeling compelled to blog to say the only thing wrong is I am currently ailing.

I think I have been fighting getting sick for the first time this century for about two weeks, maybe longer.

The cold meds I am taking make me groggy and turns typing into a bit of a challenge, looking at the monitor through blurry eyes.

In other words, simply put, I am a mess.

It has been awhile, maybe at least a week, since someone has suggested I high tail it out of Texas. This morning someone calling him or herself "Lone Star" spoke for all of Texas in suggesting I leave this fine state.

Lone Star has left a new comment on your post "When Will The Walls Of Chesapeake Energy Come Tumbling Down..."

Y'know, I've read your blog for some time and I have come to the conclusion that you really don't like Texas. But this is a free country. No one says that you have to stay here. You might be happier if you moved on to someplace else that suits you better. And we'd be happier if you did, too... Texas isn't meant for everyone, and not everyone is meant for Texas. That's why they make these things called U-hauls, y'all.

I am appalled, appalled I tell you, that Lone Star for some reason thinks I don't like Texas. While it is absolutely true that I don't like somethings in Texas, including some Texans, it is really an outrageous overstatement to say I don't like Texas.

Texas is my 9th favorite state after Washington, Oregon, Utah, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Arizona.

I am sort of impressed at Lone Star's suggestion that me leaving Texas would make Texas a happier place. I had no idea I could have that sort of impact.

Well, I am currently scheduled to leave Texas.

For a year.

In 2020.

Til then, Texas is stuck with me. Unless I decide to un-stick myself.

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The REAL Lone Star said...

Like I said in another comment about the comment from this other Lone Star, we love Durango in Texas.