Friday, February 3, 2012

Spencer Jack Is a Great Nephew In Danger

Spencer Jack & Whatcom Falls
That is my great nephew, Spencer Jack, standing on the bridge in front of Whatcom Falls in Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, Washington.

Spencer Jack's dad, my nephew Jason, has been taking Spencer Jack to the various places I used to take my nephews when they were little kids.

My nephew calls me FUD, the initials mean "Favorite Uncle D."

Regarding me taking my nephews to various locales my nephew had this to say, which made me feel good, "Time limits us to a local adventure each week, but as I learned from FUD, there is much to do.  You proved that to me and brother Joe years ago. We always looked forward to our Uncle outtings that freed us from our parents."

I used to enjoy the nephew adventures too. My nephews would be appalled to see what passes for a scenic hiking location for me these days.

Years ago, after the Statute of Limitations had passed, I made a bunch of webpages along the theme of "Nephews in Danger."

There is a park in Anacortes called Washington Park. There is a very scenic drive through Washington Park. At the final scenic viewpoint you are quite high above the saltwater below. I had explored all over these cliffs and bluffs. There are miles of trail. From the scenic overlook I hiked with my nephews down to the water. My nephews took their mom and dad to Washington Park and when they reached the scenic overlook they told their parental units that they hiked all the way to the water with FUD.

My brother, and his then wife, had never bothered to get out of their car to see that it is totally doable, and safe, to hike to the water.

I got a phone call from my brother scolding me about putting my "Nephews in Danger."

From that point forward my adventures with my nephews were called "Nephews in Danger."

Spencer Jack Is Looking Concerned
This is why the subject line of the email containing the Whatcom Falls pictures said "Great Nephews in Danger."

So, like I said, years ago, over a decade ago, actually, I webpaged " Nephews in Danger."

I Googled "Nephews in Danger" last night to see if I still had those webpages online. I was surprised to see that I had previously blogged about "Nephews in Danger."

I don't think the Nephews in Danger webpages are indexed by Google, but they are still online amongst my appallingly large number of web files.

I was surprised when I saw that the decade plus old Nephews in Danger webpages no longer worked right.

A long long time ago there was this now long ago outdated webpage making method called Frames. I did not realize, til last night, that modern day browsers no longer, apparently, support framed webpages. So, if you go to Nephews in Danger and click on a link, rather than open in the main frame, the page opens in its own tab or window.


Looking at the old pictures of Nephews in Danger made me both nostalgic and homesick. Those Nephews in Danger episodes seem so recent, in my memory, but they all took place in the last decade of the previous century.

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