Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Occupy The Woodshed Smokehouse Event Had A Good Menu & Music & Tim Love BBQing In Cowboy Boots

Flush The Shed Down The River
Since this Occupy thing started happening all over the world I have not been to any Occupy thing.

Until tonight.

I found myself part of an Occupy Woodshed group.

I did not know what to expect.

Upon arrival I was given my Occupy Uniform in the form of a black t-shirt that Xed out Trinity Uptown on the front and said Save a River Save a Billion on the back.

I did not put on my Occupy Uniform because I already was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt. This made sense at the time I decided not to put on the Occupy Uniform.

A Group Of Woodshed Occupiers In Uniform
Occupy Woodshed seemed to be a very festive affair. Sort of like a party. A band provided music. We had our own Woodshed picnic table, to occupy, and a very pleasant Woodshed Smokehouse waitress brought drinks and vittles. For some reason I thought these Occupy things were more of a roughing it experience. I did not realize at Occupy Events there are menus and waitresses.

I now understand why the Occupy Movement is so popular.

A Couple Of  Woodshed Occupiers Enjoying Some Woodshed Grub
The Woodshed Smokehouse spews out an awful lot of smoke. Between all that wood smoke and all the humans smoking tobacco based products, some of which were home grown and organic, I believe I breathed in an awful lot of carcinogens tonight. I had to take a shower as soon as I got back to my abode to wash out the smoke smell.

Skinny Blonde Woodshed Occupier
I saw Tim Love several times tonight. He was wearing a cowboy hat, way too tight blue jeans and cowboy boots. The Occupiers tried to get the waitress to get Tim Love to come by for a group picture. But, that did not happen.

The skinny blonde in the sunglasses, who looks like a movie star, was the only one of the Occupy Woodshed people I saw who were occupying any space outside of the Woodshed Smokehouse.

After the sun exited for the day, J.D. Granger showed up. But not with a beautiful, buxom blonde. J.D. Granger had a kid with him. I suspect one of his offspring.

I expected Elsie Hotpepper to be at the Woodshed tonight. Elsie had told me she would be there for certain. But, Elsie was a no show. Elsie Hotpepper is so unreliable.


cd0103 said...

So let me get this straight-- the protest group ate at the place they were protesting?

Durango said...

cd0103, Yes, you got it straight. If there had been audio documentation you would have heard me protesting the ironic hypocrisy. But, I have to say, that Woodshed food looked really good. And the Woodshed Smokehouse is actually really cool. It's the way it came about that vexes. I fault Tim Love not a bit.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the Occupiers did not. They had meals elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Don't make it sound like we all ate.
The rest of us had dinner elsewhere.

Durango said...

Anonymous, what you say is true, the majority of the Occupiers did not order anything off the Woodshed menu. Some of the Occupiers brought food and drinks with them.

What I am not understanding is I hit the publish button on this blogging about 2 minutes ago and already there are comments.

cd0103 said...

I don't have a dog in this hunt, by I picture a protest as taking place off property, not at picnic tables on the patio. I also picture people not wanting to have their picture made with a celebrity chef. Maybe that is just me. Personally, even though I hear he can be a jerk, love Tim Love and his food. The menu at Woodshed looks amazing and I will be there as soon as they are open long enough to work the kinks out of service and food.

(Don't you just love people who post as Anonymous? That also perplexes me.)

cd0103 said...

And, Durango-- I subscribe to your RSS feed and it happens to update pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Bud "Splash" Kennedy mentioned an Occupy Woodshed protest Tuesday evening on his Eatsbeat Facebook page.

Counting FB and Meetup, the count of "Occupy" anti-Trinity River protesters due Wednesdays is up to 5. They can all fit in one Cutlass

Jan 31. 2012 at 8:03pm

It is often difficult to decipher Kennedy's gibberish.

cd0103 said...

@Anonymous-- There is something about the post Bud did that is gibberish? Pretty clear to me. (Sorry Durango. I should not pick fights on your comment section).

Anonymous said...

Former Fort Worth city council member Clyde Picht made the protest I see from your pics. Or someone who looks a lot like him.

greg said...

I certainly think one can support Mr. Love and his restaurant while opposing the questionable way the deal was awarded to him. And one can support the restaurant while opposing the Trinity River Hallucination... sorry, "Vision."