Monday, February 27, 2012

The Final Monday Of February Dawns Cloudy In Texas

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the last blue Monday of the second month of 2012 it appears clouds are currently clouding seeing the sun at my location on the planet.

By tomorrow those clouds are scheduled to thicken and eventually produce rain and lightning, according to the weather predictors.

Currently the outer world at my location is being heated to 55 degrees, according to my computer based temperature monitoring device.

Changing the subject from my favorite one to something else.

I made it through a couple hours of last night's 84th Academy Awards Show. I did not know that Billy Crystal was going to be the host. Having Billy Crystal doing the hosting greatly improved the Oscar Show from last year's terribly bad debacle.

Changing the subject again.

This morning I got an odd email from someone saying that I had called this particular person fat. I am feeling extreme umbrage at this particular accusation. It has been a long time since I have used the word "fat" in regards to any particular individual. I am feeling malignantly maligned due to this umbrage provoking "fat" accusation.

I wish I could say I was going swimming now to take my mind off of being fat. But I can't.


Anonymous said...

I recall you once posting a photo you took of an overweight woman driving one of those thingies for the handicapped to get around in...posting it on your blog in a manner that made fun of her. I thought that was rude and potentially hurtful. So I totally think you are capable of having called someone else fat.

Durango said...

Anonymous, I have no recollection of this photo that you anonymously recall.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, you were out and about in your car, I guess, and you saw the woman as she had just driven that cart up a hill. You took the photo, and you posted it on your blog and were talking about obesity, one of your favorite subjects from time to time, and you smirkingly commented about your amazement that the little vehicle made it up that hill. So I figured it happened near your abode. I believe it may have been near a highway.

Durango said...

Anonymous, your memory is better than mine. This only incident I recollect was in Arlington when I saw a lady driving very interesting electric device across a freeway overpass. She was heading towards me, not away, and obesity was not part of the picture.

CatsPaw said...

Perhaps you're being too literal. Why, just yesterday, you noted that your oft-mentioned sidekick Elsie Hotpepper "has put on a lot of weight." In my book, same difference.

No more wench for you.

Anonymous said...

Then, indeed, my memory IS better than yours. And the main reason I recall that photo is that I found your posting of it and your comments to be inappropriate.

Durango said...

Anonymous, I agree, your memory is a lot better than mine. I wish I could remember my inappropriate comments. But, I've made so many, it is impossible to keep track of them all.

Durango said...

CatsPaw, saying that little ol' Elsie Hotpepper has put on a lot of weight does not mean she's fat.