Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thinking About Hiking In A Washington Rain Forest While In The Tandy Hills Jungle

No, in the picture I am not in a Washington Rain Forest, walking somewhere in Olympic National Park.

I wish that was where I was, but I'm not.

The greenery in the picture is in the Rain Forest of the Tandy Hills Jungle. In Texas. Around noon today.

Right about now a throng of humanity is descending upon a locale in Washington known as the Neff Ranch.

I had expected to be among that throng, but multiple issues caused that not to happen.

One issue, for me, was the surprisingly early date of this event. I assumed these particular festivities would take place later in summer, after Mother Nature had a chance to warm up the Puget Sound zone.

Right now, at the Neff Ranch, it is 63 degrees. At my current location, right now, it is 96 degrees. I shivered for almost an entire month the last time I was in Washington, from July 20 to August 20, 2008.

Yes, I know I could have come prepared with long johns and gloves. Acclimating to cold is much more difficult than acclimating to heat, in my experience.

And then there is the fact that I don't really need a reunion to see the people I want to see when I am back in Washington. These days with email and Facebook and free long distance calling, it is easy to keep in touch with people you want to keep touching.

A few weeks ago when I'd reached the point in time where I had to make up my mind to book a flight north, or not, I found out that several people who were people who I would have liked to see, would not be seeable, today, due to a variety of reasons.

I still could have made a last minute dash north, as late as Friday. But on Thursday I talked to Carlotta Camano and after that conversation I decided I would not be flying north this week.

I may make a trek north in August.


MLK said...

I've been in WA since 2002 and I still freeze.

Friday I went to Sonic and had a Diet Vanilla coke, turned the heat on, had the windows open, and was listening to 99.5 The Ranch (station is downtown Fort Worth). I just wanted to be WARM.

Sometimes all you have is make-believe.

Anonymous said...

I melt in this Texas heat.

I'm going to Seattle, Bremerton, and the Puget Sound area later this summer.

For now I'm gonna listen to some Harold Jenkins.

Tootsie Tonasket said...

sir are you really going to be heading up to wa. state in August?