Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Is 52 Degrees This Morning In Washington With Free Food For Me At The Fidalgo Drive-In

As you can see, via one of my viewing portals on the world, the last Saturday of June of 2011 has dawned with a few clouds.

This afternoon, up in Washington, there is a reunion I am expected to attend. The logistics of making that happen become more daunting with each passing hour.

This morning when I flipped open my phone there were two text messages from my nephew Joey asking how things were in Texas and that he'd heard it is hot here.

I figured Joey had been tasked with the job of finding out where I was.

Then this morning there was an email from my sister in Phoenix that confirmed Joey had been tasked with finding out where I was. Below is that email....

Whoever you are playing with in Washington has now confused one of your nephews. CJ received a text tonight asking him to call/text you and ask when you will be getting there. Whoever it is did not say who they were so CJ was confused/worried and called me to ask what he should do. I told him to ignore it becuz of what I've read on your blog. I figured it must have been Jason or Joe cuz I don't know who else would have his phone number!

Then there was a comment to a blogging yesterday regarding Joey's brother's restaurant in Anacortes...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Creating The Illusion Of Hiking The Tandy Hills In...": Fidalgo Drive In weekend special: 'Free food for all out of state visiting relatives.'

Right now in Texas it is 77 degrees, heading to a high of 95.

Right now in Washington it is 52, heading to a high of 63.

Right now, if I am in Washington, I hope I remembered to bring long pants and a sweater, or two.

Right now, I am going swimming. I don't think it is in a motel pool.

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CatsPaw said...

They must like you. Such mind game frustrations should probably come with a "relatives pay double" or "relatives will be put to washing dishes" deal.