Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ex Congressman Weiner Approves Message About When Your Weiner Needs To Be Tweeted

After Osama bin Laden was killed I was a bit appalled to see an ad in the Fort Worth Weekly in which the ad depicted the corpse of bin Laden being buried at sea, with an aircraft carrier in the background.

This in an ad to sell condoms.

Somehow this seemed a bit tasteless to me.

And now, this morning, again in Fort Worth Weekly, I saw another condom ad, this one using scandalized former Congressman Anthony Weiner as ad fodder, with the clever ad line of "When your WEINER needs to be TWEETED...YOU BETTER SHOP CONDOM SENSE."

The ad also says, "I'm Ex Congressman Weiner, and I Approve this Message."

Does Condom Sense and FW Weekly run their ads by a lawyer to make sure they aren't setting themselves up for some legal woes? I somehow think no lawyer is consulted before the ad is run.


Texas Tex from Texas said...

I never read about these sex scandals anymore when one happens. I stopped when Bill Clinton's problems came to light. The last sex scandal I remember reading about was probably Gary Hart.

As a result I don't understand what people are referencing when they talk about this stuff.

Durango said...

Texas Tex from Texas, I empathize with your aversion to sex scandals. If I remember right Gary Hart's Monkey Business came to light well before Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky Monkey Business.

CatsPaw said...

These people are dumbasses. The "creative whizzes" at Condom Sense are lacking common sense ... and a few other things. I hope they all wear TWO condoms so as not to pass on more of this dumbassery into the gene pool.

One would think that FW Weekly at least might have a concern. But then, I guess all those "massage" ads are on the up and up, too.