Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Is The Sorriest Excuse For A Town I've Ever Seen While Hiking The Humid Tandy Hills

Hiking the Tandy Hills Jungle was very very humid today.


The hiking was made more pleasant due to the trail trimming some kind trail trimmer did.

In the picture you are looking at the newly trimmed trail into the area where the Tandy Bamboo TeePee Art Installation sits. Prior to the trimming, going through here required a lot of ducking and pushing brush out of the way.

Currently, coming up on 4 in the afternoon, it is 90 with the humidity making it feel like 100.

Have I ever mentioned that I get a lot of comments to my various blogs? And to my Eyes on Texas website?

Among my favorites of the comments are those from someone who is very overwrought over something they have read,  and then motivated to share their overwroughtedness. Usually in a way that comes across as very angry. And usually sort of stupid.

This morning I got an email from someone calling herself Diana Ware. The subject line said "Fort Worth."

I have no idea if Diana Ware is upset over something about Fort Worth on this blog or with something about Fort Worth on my Eyes on Texas website.

This is what Diana Ware had to say (with some profanity censored)....

"This is the sorriest excuse for a review of a town I've ever read.  You are a hateful sarcastic excuse for a writer.  I hope you never get to see or experience anything better than life as you describe it in Fort Worth.  I will bypass anything else I see by you on the web in the future.  I'm totally disgusted after reading this site--not by the town, but the sorry writer with such a sh**ty outlook."

This sort of reminds me of the bizarre reaction some Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival people had to my description of Scarborough Faire. Many of them thought they were reading an article in a magazine. Among other things.

I have no idea where I've written a review of Fort Worth. Did Diana Ware Google for info about Fort Worth and clicked on a link to my website, or blog, thinking she was going to get travel information? Diana Ware somehow concluded I've never seen or experienced anything better than what I described of Fort Worth? Why would a person continue reading something that was totally disgusting to them? And then feel compelled to vent about their disgust?

People like Diana Ware are just a little scary to me.

And now it is time to go for a swim and some sun lounging in the 90 degree, feels like 100, heat.


Anonymous said...

You do have a negative attitude about most things Fort Worth, Mr. Durango.

Perhaps it's your casual lifestyle and lack of hard work that makes you so judgmental of others.

Blog a little, hike a little, blog a little, swim a little.

Groucho said...

You seem to have stirred up some mud lately, Mr. D. Do you think it's those MHMR people you got mad with your Paradise Center Scandal blog, now paying attention to your other blogs? The "Anonymous" comment being judgmental about you being judgmental is enjoyably ironic. Anonymous judges your life based on what you write on your blog? And concludes you live a casual lifestyle with a lack of hard work, which has somehow rendered you judgmental of others?

From what I've read of what you've written (I suspect I've read more of it than Anonymous) you have had a negative thing or two to say about Fort Worth, usually well explained and with good reason. More than once you have said the Fort Worth Stockyards is the best thing in the Metroplex, perhaps worded differently, which has made me cringe because I think the Stockyards reinforces Fort Worth's hick image. But that is your opinion and I respect it.

Durango said...

Thank you for being a reasonable voice, Groucho. I do like the Fort Worth Stockyards. I always have fun there. And every visitor I've had from the Northwest, the Stockyards is their favorite thing I take them to. I think, maybe, it is because it is a very Texas type experience matching the stereotypical expectation.

There are other things I like in Fort Worth. The Botanic Gardens is one. Heritage Park (before it was destroyed) and the Water Gardens are two more FW things I like. I love riding the FW buses. I don't know why more FW people don't try out the bus system. It is like a theme park ride.

CatsPaw said...

Well, my bosom heaved with laughter reading the Scarby stuff. It's so unFaire! You ... you ... MUNDANE!

I rather enjoy your "sarcistic" and "inflamumatory" take on things. I may poke you about your crabbiness occasionally, but I find you a fun counterpoint to so much of the craptastic cheerleading booster prose we're bombarded with.

I am curious though ... with your obvious preference for the Pacific Northwest, what keeps you here? You are, of course, free to answer or not.

Durango said...

CatsPaw----Sorry that Scarby stuff got your bosoms heaving out of control. As for your question. It is not an easy undertaking to move 2,200 miles. And I don't know how enamored I am of the idea of moving back to the PNW permanently.

GG said...

Anonymous, I noticed that you have time to read and comment on Durango's blog on a work day during work hours. You must not have enough to do. Get back to work!

Old Cowtowner said...

Must be an mhmr-er since they seem to spend a lot of their "work" hours trolling the scandal blog and making donkeys out of themselves.

Those aptly named mhmr bullycrats certainly have a reputation for using dirty schemes to make up for their lack of competence. They apparently weren't counting on you speaking the truth and exposing their thuggery.

I'm a lifelong resident of FW and you've been pretty much right on whenever you point out something corrupt, overly hyped, or just plain stupid. With so much material for your blogging, why would you move from this goofy place, especially with its goofy community and civic
leaders...which has kept the FW Weekly in business for years.