Friday, May 27, 2011

A Red-Head Nephew And Twins Named Theo & Ruby Babysat By A Pair Of Poodles

I got an email a few days ago telling me that the censorship block had been lifted from the Blue & Max Blog that I'd made well over 3 years ago.

Blue & Max are a pair of real high maintenance, real cute, poodles.

When I last saw Blue & Max they were living in a big house in Tacoma with a pair of real high maintenance, real cute, humans.

When I was last in the house Blue & Max live in I was astonished at how many things were serious issues. Like there was a house ban on repetitive noises. Everything in the kitchen had to be organized in alphabetical order. There were 6 or 7 different containment vessels for various types of trash.

If you mistakenly put something in containment vessel 4 that should have gone in vessel 5, well, let me tell you, the inquisition that followed was not a pleasant thing to endure.

And do not get me started on the dish washing protocols.

At the time I observed this domicile, like some sort of anthropologist observing an alien tribe, it appeared to me that Blue had the most issues. Blue is one very particular poodle. Blue's brother, Max, is the most laid back, easy going inhabitant. Max really was the only inhabitant I had a comfortable bond with.

So, sometime after I left that domicile, in a very metaphoric dark sky downpour, on August 20, 2008, had you told me then that less than 3 years later that a 2 year old boy and a pair of twins would be added to that house, I would have said this would not be possible.

And yet that is what happened. My nephew David was added, I think, well over a year ago. David is my first red-headed relative that I am aware of. Then 5 or 6 months ago the twins, Ruby Jean and Theo Ryan, RJ & TR, were added.

My mom and dad have yet to meet Ruby & Theo. They have met David. David flew down to Arizona to see his grandma and grandpa. I think maybe my mom and dad have been back up to Tacoma since David arrived, but my memory is faulty.

In the picture at the top, that is David, in the Big Brother t-shirt, with his arm around Ruby Jean. On the Blue & Max Blog there are a lot of pictures of David being the big brother, and Blue & Max being the babysitting poodles.

I highly doubt the circumstances will arrive where I play the uncle role with David, Ruby and Theo. I don't know how one can play the uncle role long distance.

When I did play the uncle role it was with 4 nephews who lived in close proximity. I was an excellent uncle, even if I do say so myself. Ask my nephews, they will confirm my excellent-ness as an uncle.


CatsPaw said...

What a cute family, dogs and humans. I am glad to leave the rearing of young humans to others these days and achieve my exhaustion in other ways.

"High maintenance" is a foreign concept at Chez CatsPaw. In contrast, we would probably appear to be vying for an episode of Hoarders, minus the trash, garbage, personal hygiene issues, and vermin.

GG said...

These kids are just darling. The dogs are pretty cute too.