Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Therapist Advised Tandy Hill Hiking To Cure Today's Headache

I had myself some stressful aggravation early today. This eventually led to me having a rare headache. I used to get headaches all the time when I lived in Washington. Moving to Texas cured me of that particular woe, but added several new ones.

By mid morning I had consulted with my therapist, Dr. L.C., who told me I needed to do some heavy duty hill hiking, which the good doctor said should cure me of my head pain.

Due to the deluge of downpours pouring down on Monday and Tuesday I did not think the Tandy Hill's trails would be dried out.

I was wrong. I had no mud issues whilst hiking the hills today. And Dr. L.C. was right. Hiking the hills cured my head pain. I returned to my abode in a hugely improved frame of mind.

The only odd thing I saw on the Tandy Hills today was crime scene tape laying on the ground near the washed out Tandy Highway bridge across Tandy Creek.

Is this yet one more Tandy Hills Art Installation?

Is the person trying to artfully say that it is a crime how many times this bridge has to be re-built by the City of Fort Worth Water Department engineers?

One of Jim Lane's ex-girl friends sent me a link to an online quiz today. It being the World's Smallest Political Quiz.

I took the test and was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn I am a left-wing liberal. I would have thought I was a reactionary right-wing nutjob. Shows how politically ignorant I am.

Speaking of reactionary right-wing nutjobs, I've not heard from Elsie Hotpepper in a few days. Has anyone seen Elsie lately?

I've also not heard from Eunice Lovers in awhile. Last I heard from Ms. Lovers she was doing some undercover sleuthing and was going to get back to me with what she found. If anything.

Anyway, I'm glad I listened to my therapist today, rather than ignore her prescription, which is what I usually do.


Anonymous said...

From the politacal quiz:

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 100%

Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 60%


I can't top Jim Lane's ex girlfriend's claim to Fort Worth fame. However, a girl who lived two houses down from me dated Bud Kennedy. Take that!

Durango said...

Libertarian Anonymous----
You know someone who dated Bud Kennedy and was not embarrassed to admit it?

Gail Galtex said...

Welcome to my world, Durango. Admitting it is so, well, liberating. :-)

Durango said...

GG? How come I'm not feeling all that liberated then?

GG said...

Well, it's a very lonely place to be, especially in Texas. Liberal is a bad word so maybe that's why you don't feel liberated. Poll after poll on specific issues have proven that people are more liberal than they think.